Company ethics document

This Company Ethics Document represents a bill of moral right and duties that each person who has business relationships with the company must follow, in a way to guarantee a correct work; it is a voluntary instrument not binding for the meaning of the law, in which are declared the own values of F.T.C. S.r.l.

The target of this Company Ethics Document is to prevent and cancel each action against the common morality and the company interests, improving in this way the relationship with the stakeholders.

For this reason, any company target must be forced or accepted if for reaching it there is not the respect of the laws and regulations and any worker must operate against the values, precepts and rules of this Company Ethics Document. The company wants from their workers a behavior professionally correct and characterized from a mutual cooperation, trust, honesty and clearness relationship.

As about mentioned F.T.C. S.r.l. takes on:

•    to use exclusively ways of work according to the applicable dispositions on the subject
•    to guarantee to the workers real conditions of learning, growing and professional development
•    to employ exclusively voluntary manpower,
protected by adequate agreement and without legal restrictions regarding the possibility to retreat freely the work task
•    to guarantee to the workers a safe and healthy work location
considering the results of a careful risks evaluation, the application of the foreseen general safeguard measures and according to the applicable provisions
•    to guarantee to their workers the freedom to adhere to union associations and to be able to publicly agree and following the law,
without being subjected to any types of disturbances or restrictions
•    to select the workers independently from the age, gender, sexual orientation, race, language, political and religious ideas, nationality
commits to guarantee the equal opportunities and the absence of any discrimination type, employing its workers exclusively basing on their professional skills in a meritocratic viewpoint
•    to treat all the workers with respect,
avoiding in every ways the application of corrective activities harmful for the dignity and the psychophysical wellness of the workers
•    to guarantee to its workers a compensation according to the standards in force and to the profession employment contract,
especially regarding the minimum salary, that permits them to live with dignity
•    to guarantee to the workers a contractual placement according to the standards in force,
avoiding the insurgence of precariousness conditions
•    to maintain a careful scheduling of the production processes and a logical workforce with the scheduled work.
Anyway it must be guarantee to the workers a rest day each week
•    to guarantee the correct protection of the privacy
respecting the rules in force for the protection of the personal data
•    to assure the foreseen clearness and traceability of the bookkeeping registrations,
also regarding the management of the relationships with public autorities, customers, suppliers
    to guarantee, in case of non-compliance of the contractual obligation, the correct application of the foreseen penalties according to the law and to employment contract
•    to follow and achieve specific targets decided in the Company Policy for the Quality and Enviroment

The above points represent some minimum requisites to which all the suppliers, potential and effective who wants maintain business relationships with F.T.C. S.r.l., must comply with. The company commits to select, keep under control and reevaluate periodically the outside cooperators in order of the full respect of the requirements and ethic behaviour requested.

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